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Concrete Pumping

Concrete Pumping

Many construction sites are plagued by issues associated with restricted access. In these scenarios, it can be difficult to manually deliver concrete to a specific location (such as through the use of traditional barrows). The good news is that technology has come a long way in recent years. The team at Complete Concrete Services boasts a fleet of modern pumping vehicles and these are at your disposal upon request.

The Logic Behind Using Concrete Pumping Trucks

Time and money are two crucial factors when predicting the outcome of any project. This is even more relevant when discussing the amount of concrete that is required as well as where it needs to be delivered. In the event that manual approaches are of little use, the best solution often involves directly pumping concrete to where it is required. This is accomplished through the use of articulated boom arms as well as flexible hoses.

When Might Concrete Pumping be the Best Option?

Booms and hoses are frequently used when negotiating obstacles or in the event that a truck cannot directly access the site where the concrete needs to be poured. As a result, customers can enjoy a highly efficient delivery method that will save a great deal of effort.

When Nothing but the Best Will Suffice

Note that we can deliver various volumes beginning at only one cubic metre. So, Complete Concrete Services will provide our services in accordance with the needs of your project. It is still important to speak with a customer service representative, we can then discuss your exact requirements as well as determine the most appropriate delivery times.

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Concrete Calculator

When you’re using concrete for the first time, it can be difficult to figure out how much you need. Too much concrete volume can be unnecessarily expensive, and too little can cause delays. Our concrete calculator (UK) solves all your estimation problems and lets you know exactly how much concrete you’ll need for your project.

No matter how much ready-mix concrete is needed for concrete slabs, or how much needs to be combined with coarse aggregate, we have a solution for you

Please contact our friendly team to place your order or to discuss your requirements further. They will be happy to assist you with the concrete mix calculator.


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