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Concrete Boom Pumping

Concrete Boom Pumping Services

Not only do we supply concrete we also offer to pump it from the side of the road to the location its required, even if its down the bottom of the garden, using our state of the art Concrete pumping vehicles, the alternative is to barrow it from the roadside which is a labour intensive / expensive and time-wasting activity in comparision to our concrete pumping.

Some construction-related tasks are rather straightforward in nature. Examples include concrete driveways, walkways and patios. However, there can also be times when more awkward situations need to be addressed. This can make the traditional delivery of concrete challenging and costly. One of the ways around such situations is to employ a trustworthy concrete pumping service.

When are Concrete Pumps Required?

The primary intention of a concrete pump is to deliver this material to areas that would otherwise be difficult or time consuming to access. Ongoing property developments, high-rise buildings and negotiating tight corners are three common examples. As it would make little sense to manually deliver the concrete, the use of a boom represents a highly efficient, safe and reliable solution.

Outsourcing Your Concrete Supply Services

Of course, not all concrete suppliers are created equally. Our team is proud to boast more than 20 successful years within this highly competitive industry. We offer a flexible range of delivery options and we service the entire South East Essex region. Our team also believes that safety is a very real concern when dealing with modern worksites. Therefore, our booms have been vetted to the highest of standards and they are constantly maintained by trained professionals.

Do you require an innovative solution for an upcoming project? Might you be dealing with hard-to-reach areas or on-site obstacles? These are two of the many reasons to speak with us directly in order to better appreciate your options.

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Concrete Calculator

When you’re using concrete for the first time, it can be difficult to figure out how much you need. Too much concrete volume can be unnecessarily expensive, and too little can cause delays. Our concrete calculator (UK) solves all your estimation problems and lets you know exactly how much concrete you’ll need for your project.

No matter how much ready-mix concrete is needed for concrete slabs, or how much needs to be combined with coarse aggregate, we have a solution for you

Please contact our friendly team to place your order or to discuss your requirements further. They will be happy to assist you with the concrete mix calculator.


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